Green Construction Companies – helping Canada pursue GHG reduction targets


Green construction companies who conduct sustainable construction practices can significantly reduce the amount of GHG emission traditionally released by the industry. As Canada plans the path to meet GHG reduction targets, green building has been identified as a key strategy in these efforts. Green construction companies are contributing to these efforts and delivering on building owner expectations, whose demand for certified green buildings will continue to increase exponentially across Canada.


These companies have embraced sustainable construction practices outlined in the LEED® green building rating system and the CaGBC Zero Carbon Building Standard, and as such are equipped to handle the particular specifications of a green building project. Their crews and tradesmen are trained to understand the intricacies of green building projects resulting in a lower environmental impact than traditional construction methods.

Building owners and project teams pursuing LEED can look for green construction companies that have provided certified sustainability training, such as GPRO, for their trades. GPRO is a national training and certificate program for the trades that is Gold Seal accredited under the Canadian Construction Association, and delivered by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC). Tradespeople who complete a GPRO certificate learn the principles of sustainability and trade-specific construction knowledge, and are, therefore, able to contribute to healthier, environmentally sustainable and energy efficient homes and offices.


From LEED to Zero Carbon, building owners want to work with crews who understand and appreciate the value and impact of their green building, through all phases of construction. Green construction companies who are national members with the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) stay current with enhanced green building practices through valued industry reports, news, education, and other resources put forth by the CaGBC. As the sole license holder and administrator of the LEED green building rating system in Canada, the CaGBC is the only national organization dedicated to advancing green building and the transformation to a sustainable built environment.


National members with the CaGBC access a variety of benefits to connect with green building professionals and companies across Canada.  Among these is the CaGBC Member Directory; open to CaGBC national members only, this is a comprehensive resource of over 1,200 industry companies across Canada directly involved in green building. Users can identify qualified green construction companies, building owners, architects, engineers and manufacturers.  


Membership with the CaGBC surrounds companies looking for transformative and measurable impacts with a network of knowledgeable and passionate groups. Find out more about the benefits of green buildings at

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